Equinox's Survival Strategy Guide

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Equinox's Survival Strategy Guide

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I'm still new and learning the game myself, but I'd like to share the strategy that helped me build up the best. After 49 deaths, I now have a 2 story house, solar power, and appliances! It took me a bit to find my "groove". The death toll would have been much lower if I had started this way... maybe.

Subsistence isn't like most games in that you CANNOT hit the ground running. You have to approach it strategically. Some quick tips to start:

Not being attacked:
  • DON'T run around when you start. Walk. Running burns food and water WAY faster than walking does. You'll need the stamina to run from aggros anyway, so don't burn it and be caught off-guard without it.
  • Turn your volume up! You'll usually hear animals before you see them.
  • Animals will "smell" before they attack if you are far enough away. RUN away from them, probably in the direction you just came from. They have a short aggro range BEFORE they attack, so walking around them is usually not a problem. Unless you already got too close and they aggro'd you.
Farming resources:
  • When you first start, you are going to die. A lot. That's okay! Come to terms with the fact that you will not be able to sustainably feed yourself right off. You'll thank me later.
  • Pick up everything you can. I mean EVERYTHING.
  • You're going to die, it is inevitable. A skull appears on your screen and your map, you have 15 minutes to claim your gear before it disappears. Now is a good time to run and burn your food/water/stamina.
  • You ARE going to get diseased. Animals cause disease as well as drinking tainted water. Don't bother trying to cure it. Its a waste of resources at this point. Accept the fact that you will ALWAYS have 59% health and stamina.
  • Dont boil water. You will be diseased anyway. Might as well not worry about the water situation and just drink it dirty!
  • If you're having a hard time spotting fiber and bushes, go into the solo mode and press the "=" sign. Type: "show collision" (no quotes) and press escape. After a while, you'll be able to spot them wayyyy off in the distance.
Keeping resources:
  • After a few deaths and a couple of hours of running around, you should have enough resources to build 1 foundation, 1 wall, 1 storage crate, and 1 base control unit (BCU).
  • Build them and place them anywhere. DON'T worry about the location (unless you found your slice of paradise and have explored a huge portion of the map already). Chances are you'll find something better.
  • Put all your stuff in your storage chest, keeping out just your hatchet and blue light.
  • Just let yourself die of starvation and don't bother trying to keep fed. It's futile, resistance always is.
  • After every starvation death, walk (don't run) back to your base. Collect everything you see on your way back. Take your time. Scavenge your brains out. Chop those trees!
  • FILL YOUR STORAGE BIN WITH EVERYTHING YOU FIND. Drop your stuff right before you are about to starve to death into the storage and let yourself die next to it - The skull will mark your base until the BCU kicks on.
  • Rinse and repeat until you can start building appliances. You can fit just about everything on a 1x2 foundation, so don't go nuts building your base. Save the resources until you NEED to build bigger.
Moving and Building:
  • If you have enough stuff to start building appliances, then you have enough stuff to move to your paradise and you've probably found it by now. Destroy the wall, floor, BCU, and chest (after you empty it) and start running to your new spot. Same strategy - 1 wall, 2 floors, 1 chest, 1 BCU.
  • Start with a woodstove. It burns way less wood and stays lit for a whole lot longer while producing tons more ash.
  • Let yourself continue to die of starvation until you have a fridge made. It will take a while. Keep farming resources as often as you can. DONT eat your berries, protein bars, or grubs. Just keep storing them.
  • After your fridge is made you should already have a decent-sized base and all the basics of life. NOW you can start feeding yourself.
  • Use all those grubs and fibers you found to start making your fishing gear.
  • A small pond will still yield big fish, so no need to walk to the giant lake.
  • Life gets a whole easier from here on out.
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