August Donations

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August Donations

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Hello, you beautiful Wurmians!

For August's donations, I'll be doing a tier-based reward system. Normal donation stuff still applies as well;

Tier 1:
  • $20-$49 - 1kg/dollar donated, 90ql, lump of ore - your choice of metal -- $37 dollar donation would be 37kg lump.
Tier 2:
  • $50-$99 - Tier one pack, PLUS two 3x3 resource tiles of choice (clay, tar, peat, etc) spawned at the location of your choice. GM cast Expand and Bag of Holding (guaranteed 90ql+) on your cart or forge.
Tier 3:
  • $100+ - Tier one pack, Tier two pack, PLUS an 80ql rare Geriatric straight jacket (Drake hide) with 80 aosp.
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